Products Development (UPR)

We develop products (unsaturated polyester resins) to meet specific requirements for specific applications. This includes new formulations and process instructions, modification / improvement of existing formulations, raw material substitution for cost savings etc.

Markets Development

We develop markets for different products in specific territories, especially in North America and Middle East. Our main focus is on industrial raw materials, construction and infrastructure development / rehabilitation materials.


We provide training for the manufacturing of a variety of chemicals based on different processes. Our area of specialization is fusion, isotropic and blending operation.

Resin & Glass Plant Technical Evaluation

We offer services to technically evaluate glass fibers manufacturing plants to gauge their efficiency, productivity and ability to produce quality products consistently. As a part of our technology offering, we suggest modifications for process and product quality improvement and provide recommendations for cost reduction.

Also, we evaluate resin manufacturing plants (both fusion and isotropic process types) and provide recommendations / suggest modifications for plant efficiency improvement and cost reduction.

Market Study & Feasibility Reports

We conduct market studies and provide assistance in preparation of feasibility reports for industrial projects. Also, we prepare project financial documents for the purpose of obtaining institutional financing.

Joint Ventures

There has been a very successful history of creating JVs of multi-million dollar projects. We offer services to create JVs for both green-field and existing industrial projects. We also provide assistance to venture capital companies for identifying attractive investment prepositions, either for JV or complete buy-out.

Sourcing Solutions

  • Supply Chain Development

We develop supply chains and provide complete sourcing solutions for composite and surface coating industries, while ensuring high material quality standards, supplier reliability and competitive costs.

  • Supply Chain Management

We offer to manage supply chains for customers on a long-term basis, as an out-sourced procurement management agency.