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Spreading Technology


A comprehensive package is offered to produce resins such as unsaturated polyester, saturated polyester, bisphenol, epoxy, gelcoats, alkyds, specialty polymers, paint additives etc. for a variety of applications and processes. Also, glass fiber reinforcements manufacturing technology for both E and ECR types is available.



A variety of unsaturated & saturated polyester resins, gelcoats, pigment paste, alkyd resins, emulsions, specialty polymers, paint manufacturing additives and full range of glass fiber reinforcements (all types of glass rovings, CSM, woven and knitted fabrics etc.) are offered. Also, specialized custom made FRP molded articles are supplied.

Services 1


A wide range of services are offered to facilitate industrial clients for markets development, products development, resin & fiberglass plants technical evaluation, sourcing solutions & supply chain management, personnel training, market study & feasibility reports, joint ventures, project management services etc.

Industries We Are Dealing With

  • Auto & Land Transport
  • Civil Construction
  • Marine
  • Chemical Containment
  • Infrastructure Rehabilitation
  • Hot Press Moulding

Why Choose Us?

Diversified technology & experience (covering glass fibers & resins for composite industry and alkyds, emulsions & specialty polymers for surface coating industry), a group of dedicated professionals from around the world with different backgrounds and ethnicity (experienced in manufacturing technology, marketing & sales, logistics, supply chain development, financial matters, project management etc.), exemplary team work, history of successful projects & assignments, outstanding service standards, satisfied clientele, industry referrals, presence in different parts of the world, wealth of knowledge and relationship, quick response and competitive services compensation.




Thinking outside the box with vision, knowledge and experience to perform consistently and accomplish expected results.



A strong belief in constant growth and high standards, while meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing and demanding world.



Develop and improve technology for enhanced performance and reduce carbon emissions to protect mother nature.



Serving with dedication, honoring commitments and developing relations with dignity. Welcome to the GCT experience …